Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Riando's Present Film du Jour- Day 2

Day two!!! Up the energy Riandos!

Cameron with a ham nose well before the pig thing was even in public consciousness!!

Some location shots in swansea bay

This time we were joined by experience DOP Pe Ell. 

Along with the excellent editing skill of Mr Richard Barakat who also kindly and hilariously voiced the "Electricity Ghost"

And I think it shows in the final product

 Tore du force performances from Joan Jones, Claire Walters and Steve Norton (as the "Electricity Ghost")

Steve also took all the photos (Thank you Steve!)

Along with our dedicated team of volunteers

Ali, James, Lauren, Lydia you are all amazing human beings thank you.

Massive thanks again to Amanda and the team at the Mission Gallery Swansea who gave us free run :)

Next up round 3......

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Riandos Present Flim du Jour - Day 1

Yesterday day one of this round of Film du Jour took place at the Mission Gallery, Swansea. This was our piece for the Gathered Again exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Swansea Foundation Art and Design course. A selection of graduates from the last 50 years submitted work accumulating in a not to be missed show (closes 2nd August 2015). 

The Mission Gallery Website & Show Information

Along with a group of volunteers from the community we worked together to produce a film based on the headlines of that days newspapers. This was then premiered in a cinema intervention at the opening night of the exhibition. 

We are looking for volunteers to help with the next couple of dates. If you are interested and available on the 4th or/and 25th July email us on

Thanks to Felipe for making the light box!!

The most written about story that day was Chris Evans and the search for a co-host for the new "Top Gear" 

We were fortunate to have some amazing people volunteer for the day...

Lydia Moule..

Joan Jones..

Ally Jay Phillips..

And we still managed to get our cheeky faces in...

Opening Night 


Thanks to James for the expert popcorn handling skills.

For those who missed it (or couldn't see) here it is in all its glory......

Top Gear: Auditions from The Riandos on Vimeo.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Valentines Day is a fake excuse for capitalism but love is real and is everywhere

On Friday the 13th February we attended "the feast of the unloved" an event by and including performance from Joan Jones (The Glynn Vivian Art Gallery’s artist in residence and a long term sister).

Joan was resplendent, beautiful and filthy, some of the other performances were really angry and angsty but ultimately we are filled with inertia about peoples need for romantic love or cards when real love is all around us.

This event encouraged people to connect in a real way, to share an experience that was anti valentines!

(The Riandos contribution)

Love ewww The Riandos xx